Playing Better Online Poker at 888

Many people mistake what ABC poker actually is. Many people perceive it to be simply playing every hand in a vacuum almost like basic strategy in blackjack. Well as an experienced blackjack player then let me tell you that even basic strategy is a lot more complicated than what many people think. There are all different variations of basic depending on the individual rules variations. There are also essential deviations to basic strategy blackjack decisions that are geared around what the particular count is at that time. There are millions of people the world over who think that they know basic strategy when in actual fact all they know is a pretty decent generic basic.

So what has this to do with online poker at say 888? Well in my opinion then you need to be aware of how to properly deviate in selected spots to optimise your chances of making money. This applies at levels as low as NL10 and up to around NL50 where a good strong ABC will do well. However when I say “ABC” then I mean a basic strategy with strategy deviations rather than a basic strategy that has none!

If you think that you can simply go into a level like NL50 and make money based on simply playing your hands “well” then you are making a big mistake in online poker at 888. This is a level 1 game strategy and everybody at this NL50 level will be either already at that level or one or even two levels above it. In my experience then players at say NL25 and NL50 are either at level 1 or trying to exploit it by switching to level 2. The very best players at say NL50 may be able to switch to level 3 but these players are a rarity.

As a rule then any player that evolved enough to be able to play poker at a higher game strategy level tends to move up and play NL100 and higher. So this means that if you can forego moving up then profits can almost automatically be made at levels like NL50 with a very good ABC game. Very good in this instance means playing a solid level 1 ABC strategy and being willing and able to switch it up at key selected moments. This process is not only part of a good solid ABC game but it is also essential to make money at all in the modern world of online poker at levels like NL50.

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