Which form of poker?

I have been watching the poker games at 888poker recently with a view to playing on that site after a tip off from a friend regarding how soft the site was. This kind of led me to want to discuss just which form of cash game you should be playing for the most profit. Clearly then this all depends on your skill level and a whole bunch of other factors. I play NL100 full ring as a rule although I often drift one level either side of that.

If I drop to NL50 then it is usually because of the fact that there isn’t enough action at NL100 and if I play NL200 then it is because there are players that I know from NL100. I prefer full ring over six max for numerous reasons but the main one is because of the fact that I can measure the table dynamics more easily in full ring. While many players prefer six handed games, they are tougher to beat on average. The average VPIP figure is more uniform in full ring than it is in six max games.

There is a valid reason for this and it is because the greater number of players tend to make the game self-policing. By that I mean that the greater player numbers tend to prevent other players from doing things that are too out of line. This has an effect on the VPIP levels and in six max then the VPIP can be as low as say 15% for a very tight rock to something like 50% for someone who was very LAG. The norm in six max is 20%-30% but the two extremes of 15% and 50% are often encountered.

However in full ring then there is never this large disparity in VPIP levels. A really tight rock in full ring may play around 9% of their hands. On the other hand a very loose-aggressive player may play around 25% of their total hands. So there is only a 16% difference between the tightest rock and the loose-aggressive player.

In six max games then these two extremes can be as much as 35% apart. So this is why I prefer full ring more than six max because I can estimate ranges far better and put other players onto hands far simpler and this means that multi-tabling is then easier.

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