The life of a poker pro

I first started playing poker around 1994 which is eighteen years ago. That seems forever and many young hotshots who are killing the online games were only born around that time……amazing. I first turned pro in 2002 after starting playing online in 2000. I had it good for a few years and then the limit games became tougher and tougher and exit little old me.

After a brief hiatus playing STT’s (profitable but boring) then I switched to NLHE. Once again the money was easy at NL50 and NL100 even though I played a lot higher when I really shouldn’t have done. But anyway to cut a long story short then I have been through an intense coaching course over the past six months and returned to playing NL50 and NL100. I will be talking about some of my sessions on here as well as some of the coaching material and so hopefully you will find that interesting.

Recently I have been playing the games at 888 because the games are good. I am constantly searching for soft games and why not? I simply don’t see the point in trying to beat my head against a brick wall at mid-stakes. Some very good technical players have tried that and failed. The player pools are smaller and so the action is less. The stakes are much higher and players at those levels can often be the very best in the world.

So the learning process needs to be constant and the games are forever evolving. I have learned a lot of new stuff this past few months that I would like to pass on although many of you may already be aware of some of it but it may be eye opening to many also. Just trying to make the blog as interesting as possible and hopefully I will keep the energy up.

The journey of a professional poker player is a tough one and I for one am not going to say anything contrary to that. The games that you choose to play in will be tough once you get above certain levels. You will need to develop a style that suits you and then adjust that style based on what your opponents are doing and what they know.

This is easier said than done but it is a process that is vital if you are to stay ahead of the curve and remain a winning player.

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