Advantages to playing poker at 888

In online poker these days then you absolutely need to get as much outside assistance as you possibly can with regards to external financial input. By that I am talking about rakeback, FPP’s and sign up bonuses. At sites like 888poer then you can get FPP’s and VPP’s instead of rakeback but you can still convert these to money. It is important for novice players and intermediate players especially to avail themselves of this almost free money. However it does need to be treated with caution because players cannot just base their entire game around reward points.

At the end of the day then you are not always getting a good result getting rakeback and it all depends on how well or badly you do on the actual tables. Let us look at an example here to show you what I am talking about. We will take Player A and Player B and Player A pays $60,000 a year in rake and gets a 33% rakeback deal and so makes $20,000 in rakeback. However he has still paid $40,000 in rake and that $40k could be the difference in how he makes money on the actual tables.

Because of that then Player A makes $5/hour and plays 20 hours per week. This is $100 per week and $5000 per year. Added to his rakeback then he makes $25,000 per year from online poker. However Player B plays a much tighter style and only generates $30,000 at the same stakes and so makes $10,000 per year in rakeback. However his much superior style is easier to replicate on more tables and so he makes $20/hr and so makes $400/week and $20,000 per year on the actual games. Now add that to his rake figure and he makes $30,000 per year from playing the same games despite only earning 50% of the rake of Player A.

The bottom line is though that as a professional player or a player that is serious about making as much money from online poker as possible then you absolutely need to take advantage of as many financial incentives and bonuses as you possibly can. This can literally make the difference between being a winning player and not being a winning player. The margins in online poker are very thin these days and you need to allow for that.

Any player that was only making say 2bb/100 from the actual tables and could make 2bb/100 in reward points is actually doubling their earn rate and this is the key stat in this situation.

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