Too Many Chiefs

In many professions then only certain people are allowed to train others and to coach. For example within the medical profession then it would be unthinkable for anyone other than trained medical staff and doctors to pass on knowledge to medical students. In online poker and poker in general then there is no formal educational structure and no legislation as to who can write articles, produce coaching videos and so on. This leaves the prospective poker student with somewhat of a problem because what it means is that anybody with a voice can be heard.

However in poker then these so called “voices” are not only harming the student when it comes to learning but they are in many cases holding them back from reaching their full potential. It is a fact that you can simply read too many poker books, too many articles and watch too many coaching videos. It can simply get to a stage where too much conflicting information (and it will almost certainly conflict) just confuses you. I know that it used to confuse me some years ago. In poker then you need to learn how to learn and this isn’t easy.

There are several key stages of this process and the first is to discover what type of poker game fits your personality. Once you have done that then the next step is to get advice from people that have a proven track record in beating the game that you want to play at the stake levels that you want to play it at. The third key stage is to disregard all other information except the material that is coming from this one learning source. If that learning source be it a book, coach, poker videos or whatever is giving you what you need then you simply do not need anything else.

As a keen fan of Sherlock Holmes then I am aware of how the great detective had gaping holes in his knowledge in normal everyday subjects. This was a deliberate measure because Holmes knew that taking time to read other topics that were unrelated to crime simply diluted the time that he had available to study the one subject that was important. So Sherlock Holmes decided to reduce the number of “voices”, “topics” and “opinions” that he listened to and concentrated on crime. He built up such a voluminous knowledge of criminal history that he could tell when certain crimes fitted into certain categories.

The bottom line is that this is something that you must try to emulate if you are to succeed as a poker player. I know from painful experience how much more difficult it is to succeed playing online poker when you read too many books and listen to too many opinions before you have the knowledge base and the confidence to form your own. They always say that knowledge is power but I am not terribly sure about that.

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