Taking on a professional poker coach

No limit hold’em is absolutely massive now and is by far the most widely played game online as we speak at sites like 888poker. Some years ago it was limit hold’em when I was first started playing online simply because the software wasn’t available to play NLHE. But NLHE can drag you away from having to play flops, turns and rivers unlike limit hold’em which forces you to play them. Because you can get away without seeing flops more often then you also get away without being raked more often and this is crucial.

Because NLHE is so widely played then it is also the most widely understood. But because of this then a very high percentage of the players who are active in the game begin to fall into identifiable patterns of playing the game in a very similar way. Sure they will raise pre-flop with their high cards and premium pairs and they will fold junk. They will also try small and frequent steals along the way.

They may call raises with speculative hands if the stacks are deep enough but they tend not to get out of line when the big bets go in. So what makes the Sniper a successful system is that it exploits conventional poker play. In no way is this a sit and wait and then shove all in pre-flop system like so many short stack systems are. That older system of play doesn’t work anywhere near as well for two key reasons. Firstly this way of playing is too well known and secondly many of the sites have increased their minimum buy in levels from 20bb to 30bb and even 35bb.

This is an attempt by the sites to get their minimum stack players playing more post flop poker. They wanted minimum stack players on their site because they wanted their action…..better to have a 20bb player than nothing at all. But when these types of players were shoving all in before the flop then they denied the site the chance to make any money on that hand. So when minimum stack players started to grow in number then the site had an increasing problem.

They wanted these players in the first place and is why they allowed them to only buy in for 20bb for a while. But it quickly became apparent that when these players started to grow in number that they were becoming a hindrance to their bottom line. So to appease the big stacked regulars and to improve their own profits they decided to increase the minimum buy-ins to a level that many short stack players would still go for but without driving them away.

So once again……get with the program here because the sites are not your friend or want to help you in any way except help you to make them money. Your goal as a user of this system is to see as few flops as possible. If you are forced to buy in for 35bb then you are forced to play a little more “poker” than usual but you are still looking to exploit conventional play.

Another key reason for selecting NLHE is the sheer volume of action. You will be able to go onto sites and move from game to game relatively easily and play poker without having to wait for action. So you will see many regulars multi-tabling these games and unlike in times gone by, The Sniper looks to exploit multi-tabling regulars because they tend to do one thing….. They look to exploit their position more than weaker players.

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