Simple STT strategy

Single table tournaments or SNG’s are some of the most exciting forms of poker online at this time. They offer the player final table action at the flick of a switch. Simply turn on your computer and log on and within seconds you could be taking a seat in a one table tournament and playing a final table just like you have seen so many times on television. The key differences in these forms of poker are that the time limits increase very rapidly and so you cannot afford to hang around too long before you become aggressive.

The early levels are where you need to be cautious when you have a lot of big blinds in your stack. It is when you reach the middle levels of play and one or two players have been eliminated that you need to become aggressive. You need to do this for one clear reason and this is because the blinds are escalating so rapidly that you will be blinded away before long. This is why you need to protect your chips very well during the early levels because you need to preserve your valuable chips until the middle to late stages of the tournament.

It is at this stage where you will need to try and create as much fold equity as you possibly can and you can only do that by being aggressive and by raising and re-raising at the best times. You will not be able to cash or win an SNG by folding and so by carefully selecting the optimal chances to win chips then you can maintain or even increase your stack several fold. Some player’s play SNG’s seriously for profit and this form of poker does in fact offer the serious player the chance to make consistent money on a regular basis.

The really serious players take great care to select their games and to take notes on their opponents. This allows them to see at first glance which players are doing well in these games and which are doing not so well. Game selection is critical for success in any form of poker and SNG’s are no different. What makes this form of poker so popular is that they are very easy to play well. You can achieve this simply by folding all but the very best hands during the early rounds and then becoming very aggressive during the later rounds.

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