Play poker like a business

There is no way that you would ever run a business and even consider wasting money by paying more than what you needed to for stock. You would also take great care to reduce your overheads by as much as was humanly possible. Doing this would mean that you may then just be able to survive if and when a really rocky period comes.

This is no different to online poker and as a ten year industry pro then I know a little bit about what I am talking about. On poker sites then you will find thousands of players on that site at peak time and I have known as many as 20,000 during some of the times when I have played.

Clearly then not all of these players are going to be making money and there has to be losers in poker as well as winners. Unfortunately in the poker jungle then that is the way of things. So in order to catapult yourself into that Holy Grail of the top 10% of players who consistently make money then you need to do certain things. One of them is to take all of the external financial incentives that you possibly can.

This means taking advantage of rewards, sign up bonuses and even freerolls because these things have an EV attached to them. I have even known players make thousands of dollars from simply playing in these things and one only has to remember what Chris Ferguson did some years ago when he converted $0 into $10,000 simply by starting in a freeroll…..eventually cashing for $50 and then slowly but surely building that up to a level where he could play decent sized cash games. You do not have to be a great poker player to make money playing online poker but a healthy and strong dose of money management is essential.

So if you treat poker seriously then it will repay you but then again doesn’t that apply to any other field as well? Hard work pays off in this life and there is no place for idle minds.

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