Enter the world of sports betting as a career

Do you really know just what it takes to be a good sports bettor? It takes more than just an in depth knowledge of a sport for one simple reason. This is because the sports betting industry employ and use professional odds compilers whose job is to accurately work out odds and probabilities for certain sporting events. They use vast amounts of historical data, computer programs and the very same sports betting knowledge that you possess.

So it is difficult to gain an edge by trying to beat the betting industry in that way. Many gambling professionals try to gain an edge by going against the market masses. For example if a really strong favourite is really short priced like for example Frankel has been recently then the price will in all likelihood contract below its theoretical level of where it actually should be.

This means that there is often value in opposing the competitor or team and going the other way or even laying them on the exchanges. When you lay on the exchanges then it doesn’t mean that you are laying them to lose. If you back them again in play then you can still make a profit even when the competitor wins because all it takes is for them to win but to win in a way that isn’t straight forward. Frankel’s final race for example saw him get away from the stalls very slowly and anyone that had laid him could have backed him again in running and made money.

Why should a possible sports bettor choose sports betting over poker as a potential career? Personally I cannot think of one as sports betting is far tougher in which to make a living for one simple reason. This is because when you place bets then you are doing so against professionals but in poker you can pick and choose your games.

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