Trading Time in MLB

We have just over two weeks to go until Opening Day, the rosters at the majority of teams are starting to take shape and positional depth is being examined in great detail.

It’s true that you can never have too much depth because of the injuries that occur regularly with baseball players. Position depth can disappear rather quickly, especially in the pitching department, and most teams can use up to seven or eight starting pitchers during the regular season – and that’s if they’re lucky.

So we don’t expect to see the start of the season come and go without some more trades coming along. This trio could well be vulnerable at their current franchises and be moving on before the season starts.

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to bring eight starting pitchers into training camp might not be looking as mad as it did at the time with the news that Zack Greinke might start the season on the disabled list with elbow inflammation. All are on big contracts, but under the new ownership, money doesn’t really appear to be a problem. However, the group does contain Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang and Ted Lilly – do they really need three veteran starting pitchers, all who have had injury problems, forced to pitch out of the bullpen?

None have pitched particularly well this spring so the Dodgers are hoping that they can turn it around over the next two weeks to give them an extra lift in trade value; but you should expect at least one of the three to be elsewhere on opening day though.

The Mariners are not exactly short in the outfield, their off-season acquisitions of Jason Bay, Raul Ibañez and Michael Morse have caused a potential logjam in that position. Therefore it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we may see Michael Saunders and Casper Wells on their way out of Seattle. If we were the ones making the choice it would be Wells that would be moving on after Saunders’ recent performance for Team Canada in the WBC.

The Texas Rangers don’t need to trade third baseman Mike Olt but they might, though they would need to receive a starting pitcher in return to fill a current hole that they have in their roster. Olt has had a rough spring and struggled last season but is still considered a good prospect, and plenty of teams around the league would love to have a prospect like Olt on their roster. Unfortunately not many have the pitching depth to spare at the start of the season, but we are sure the Rangers would listen if such a deal became available.

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