The Sniper Pro Poker System : Part 3

Why Full Ring NLHE?

I am hoping that by this stage many of the strategies that will come in the second half of this course will start to become self-apparent before I even begin discussing them. You will also be able to see how I could never do this justice in a hand chart. True understanding can only be derived at over time and it is time that I am trying to create by making the Sniper as expansive as possible.

This is why the reasons as to why this course is designed around full ring games on poker sites like will become apparent. In full ring games then the blind pressure is far less and the games are far tighter. This is not a bad thing because everyone folding around to the big blind means no rake and as we know by now……..rake free poker is our friend. You can make money essentially by folding and folding is your key weapon in the Sniper.

Folding means several things…….good players cannot get your money and you do not pay rake and so folding in online poker is an often underused tactic. Players want to play poker and is why they flock into six max when they should be playing full ring or at least the inexperienced players should. But six max is hyped and the sites want you playing it so they have more tables on average at six max than full ring…….why……you already know why……they create more rake.

The Sniper and full ring NHLE are made for each other. Players do not get out of line as often in full ring and this is great when you have to play a slightly deeper stack like with 35bb because you need to know where you are.

If it gets folded around to the cut-off who raises to $3.50 in NLHE and the small blind calls then you have a chance to pick the pot up if you sit in the big blind. The button is likely stealing and the small blinds call looks weak and so you are playing the situation. You have Qc-Jh and make an all in shove. You bought in for 20bb in this NL100 game and are down to only 17bb and $17. There is $8.50 in the pot and that will represent a good increase to your stack.

If you get called then you may not be in bad shape against many hands like A-K, 10-10 and 9-9 for example. However change this to a 35bb stack and now clearly you are laying too much by shoving pre-flop. So if you re-raise to say $14 and the button four bets you then you can fold only having lost $14 out of your $35. Your opponents play in full ring is usually pretty automatic and you have clearly caught your opponent at the top of his range on this one hand.

So instead of the 35bb becoming a hindrance then you can use your stack as a tool to get away from certain situations. Players are far more predictable in how they play in full ring for one key reason………the slower pace means that it attracts players who are less risk averse. Players that are less risk averse are more readable when they bet.

When players go onto a large site that has large numbers of six handed games and full ring games and they deliberately choose full ring over six handed then this is revealing about their mind set and how they want to play poker. This mind set is something the Sniper looks to exploit because it allows us to make easier decisions.

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