Who’s hot in the NHL?

The Boston Bruins are grabbing all the hockey headlines and NHL picks at the moment, and for good reason. The Boston side are stunning opponents left, right, and centre, and have such quality running through both the spine of their team and the other guys on the roster that the thought of the franchise bringing in a couple of new players up front and at the back is a proposition terrifying enough to give even the best NHL players sleepless nights.

With the Bruins first in goals for and first for goals against, it’s difficult to imagine a side capable of toppling them at the moment. Perhaps, if there were to be a side to grab away the limelight from the bustling Bruins, it would be the Blues in St Louis, an unlikely candidate for stealing the headlines and NHL betting tips, but one deserving of doing just that nevertheless. The Blues are 5-0-1 this calendar year and have that precious commodity running through their ranks that no amount of dollar can buy: confidence and self-belief.

Other movers and shakers in the NHL include the Canucks and the Blackhawks, Chicago making the most of a strong week to prove a point to the likes of Detroit, while there have been significant signs of improvement from the San Jose Sharks.

At the other end of the picture, however, lie the likes of the Flames, who are fresh off the Mike Cammalleri saga and four points off a playoff spot, with top teams keeping them out of contention at the moment.

There is still a whole load of NHL action to come this season, but with the likes of Boston and the Blackhawks starting to prove their class, now is the time for the best of the rest to put forward their case for playoff contention.

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