Who remembers this Fruit Machine error?

It was December 2011 and a man thought he had won £37m on a Fruit Machine in Austria Instead, he was offered £60 and a free meal after the massive win was put down to a software error.

Behar Merlaku was the man in question and you can understand his frustration. He went from the elation of his life being changed to the anger at being offered such a petty reward for his efforts.

Now, he is pursing legal action against the casino, saying that the jackpot he had won was clear for all to see, despite only getting four out of five matches.

A legal representative of Merlaku said: “The slot machine that produced the winning display was immediately accessed by Casinos Austria.”

“The regulator, the Austrian Ministry of Finance, has shown no interest in pursuing an orderly investigation as would be the case in well regulated gaming jurisdictions such as the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, the USA, Australia and Macau.”

As for the man himself, he is still talking about the incident, describing the moment it was revealed that he had won such a substantial amount of money.

The 26-year-old said: “The jackpot came up loud and clear. There was music and the sum I had won – nearly 43 million euros – was displayed on a screen.”

“I was so overjoyed and in my head I began calculating what I could do with all this money.”

He even filmed the incident on his mobile phone, but this might not work in his favour as it shows he only got four out of five matches. Still, he will fight his case and hope for more reward than £60 and a free meal.

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