Swans loyaly to go out of window?

Sydney Swans defender Ted Richards believes loyalty to club’s will go out of the window once the new free agency rules are brought in at the conclusion of the upcoming season. It would be a fool who would bet on aussie rules who did not believe this it could be suggested.

The new laws state that any player who has serves eight or more years with a single team will be able to listen to offers from other clubs and move to whoever he wants for free.
The issue is one of the most controversial in the history of the sport and a number of high prolife players and pundits have already has their say on the issue.

The 29-year-old, who began his career with Essendon before moving to Sydney, says he is still unsure what the long-term implications will be for Aussie Rules but believes it will spell the end of player loyalty as they understandably look for the best offer possible.
“It’s a bit of an unknown. You see it happening in the sports in the northern hemisphere but it’s an unknown here,” he said on Thursday afternoon” he said.
“I hope that the loyalty does remain, but with more and more players moving around each year it seems like it could be heading that way, but that’s just a guess.”

However, Richards admits that there are positive aspects to the new rules and they will benefit some players, especially those who have spent unhappy spells at their clubs. Pundits should keep up to tabs on live Aussie rules to monitor these developments.

“I think in certain cases it will help, like if you want to go back home or something it probably does give the opportunity for a player to push that through because clubs always tend to go back and forth in negotiations and some things don’t tend to pan out,” he added.

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