Some Bingo winner stories

Sometimes, it is nice to hear from the people that have won at any type of gambling – including online bingo. What will they spend the money on? Were they shocked to win? Will they keep playing?

Here are some of the people that have used free bingo sites and managed to win a tidy sum of money. Who knows…it could be you next!

Winner One: “Wow I can’t believe it’s real! It’s so fantastic! Thank you so much Wink! Are you sure it’s real?”

Winner Two: “I could not believe it! I never imagined I would win the PJP twice, it proves it can be done. This win was absolutely fantastic over £4,000 and has come just in time for the arrival of my granddaughter, it also means I can have a much needed holiday and no worries about Christmas.
Can I also thank all the lovely members who were so pleased for me, their good wishes meant such a lot.”

Winner 3: “I was actually playing on the slots when my balance went up £500,I thought there had been a mistake. I forgot I had pre-bought tickets for that game. Thank you so much again, a lovely win in time for Xmas.”

Winner 4: “I was so shocked, I had 47p left! When I logged in and saw my balance I was dancing around my kitchen! This couldn’t have come at a better time!”

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