Sky Poker – A Great Gambling Site!

I’m one of those people, and there are millions of us, who like to gamble in real, brick and mortar casinos. In my case that means Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or the New Orleans region and the gulf coast of the USA. But, truth be told, in recent years I’ve discovered some pretty amazing web sites that capture the experience of a live casino, bells and whistles included.

This is why I am here to tell you guys about a site I just discovered called skypoker, which I can say without any hesitation at all, has been keeping me busy, playing, for the last few days — and I’m not an easy sell.

The competition in online gambling is huge. Everybody wants a piece of my action…and yours. So when I run across a site like its something deserving of a shout out. I want to say check it out for yourself, don’t just take my word for it.

So I went to the site a few days ago and started navigating through it. Of course, as a poker player i was glad to see online poker from sky. But there is much more to the site than that. Let’s begin with the live pop up screen SKY TV POKER with real poker players in tournament action. I love the commentators, they are clever, funny and most important, respond to email questions. Also, it’s like you’re watching TV at home. You know, one of those late night ESPN World Series of Poker matches.

There is so much rich content here, I barely know where to begin. Click on Sky Vegas and you go to a virtual casino every bit as exciting as Las Vegas. I might spend a week there myself. All the usual casino games are available,  resented in a clean, easy to understand and follow format. Very, very cool.

And then there is SKY BINGO. Or how about my favorite (since I love sports books) SKY BET, where you can bet on sporting events in the UK, such as the Premiere League football (soccer for those of us who live and die with English football on our cable TVs every weekend). Now I can bet on Man U., my favorite team…OK, maybe I like Barcelona, with Mr. Messi as well.

But, of course, skypoker is all about…well, poker, and what an awesome page(s), with lots of promotions and tournaments and live play available. Again, all this is done in a very professional setting — and all in the comfort of your home. Hell, I could even be convinced to forego my annual trip to Las Vegas for this. It’s that much fun.

And for those who want to know more, there is poker news…and plenty of help available. Just click and read.

Are you getting the picture? I love this site and I think you will too. So check it out., and then let me know what you think. It’s your skypoker, after all.


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