Set Mining

Most professionals will tell you that one of the easiest ways to make money at the poker table is on a flopped set. This means that there is some justification in getting involved in hands with any pocket pair. In any case, it is quite hard for players to put you on a set because the chances of you being dealt a pocket pair (5.88%) and then flopping a set (10.5%) are rather slim.

The perfect situation

Ideally, in this situation – whether you are more used to Online Casino or not – you want to be up against a strong top pair, higher pocket pair or even a flopped two pairs. In this example, we will look at a flopped set up against the highest pair.

In this example, A-Q has put in a small button raise to the big blind that then makes the call with 5s (after the small blind folds). The board brings Q, 5, 2. Now in this case the original raiser can only assume they are in front. For a start, they can assume that the other player does not have two pairs because even in position; Q-5, Q-2, 5-2 are not playable hands. In this case, the player in A-Q may put their opponent on A-Q, K-Q, Q-J or a mediocre pocket pair like 9s 8s 7s at best.

How you play the hand from here when you have the set is very important. As you are first to act a small raise or a check trap are ideal. However, if there are no draws you may want to consider slow rolling.

So, in the example above the player with the pocket 5s checks and the player with A-Q raises with a pot size bet. Now the player on 5s flat calls. In this situation that first raiser has to put the player on a hand like A-Q, K-Q or Q-J. The turn comes a Q, and the initial raiser thinks the hands over, from here you can play it just about any way you want because the chances of the raiser getting away from their own set is slim.

Assuming you have a set, there are few ways that you can lose the hand, and in reality, there are few ways you can play it incorrectly. However, there are ways you can extract much more value, so make sure you take the above into consideration.

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