Record Breaking Bobcats?

At this stage in the season, thoughts often turn to the post-season series, the play offs, and NBA silverware. For those teams unable to finish top of their division, or without a chance of finishing as one of the five teams with the next best record in their conference, thoughts will turn optimistically to the following season.

However, the Charlotte Bobcats are not giving any thought to this (or next) season’s play offs, just yet; their goals are much less ambitious. If the Bobcats fail to register another win this regular season, then they will become statistically the worst team in NBA history.

As guard, Gerald Henderson put it: “we don’t want to set that record. That is something we are thinking about, and we have talked about. We just want to win. That’s my sole goal.”

If you are looking for an explanation as to why the Bobcats form has taken such a nosedive then you should look no further than their shooting accuracy.

Over the course of the season, they have managed just 41.4% of shots on target. Against the Bulls, on Wednesday, they scraped a season-low 29.8%; according to coach, Paul Silas: “that has been our problem, all year.”

The Eastern Conference side have now lost their last 18 straight games and, over the course of the season, have won only 11.5% of their fixtures. The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers currently hold the dubious honour of having the worst win record in NBA history; they managed to win only 11% of their matches.

Ahead of the recent defeat to Chicago Bulls, Bobcats guard Matt Carroll said: “we are desperate to get a win. No one wants to be the worst team in NBA history.” With five fixtures now remaining, the Bobcats would end the regular season with a win record of 10.6%, if they fail to pick up another victory.

Just one win would ensure that the 76ers 39-year-old record remains intact for at least another season.

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