Poker Site Review

As a poker player, writer and journalist then it is obviously my job to review poker sites and I have done this in the past for leading poker magazines and website like The Hendon Mob and Poker Pro Europe magazine. Recently I came across ten new sites of which one was called For me I like sites that do certain things and one of them is to have reviews on other poker sites and also famous poker players. However it is in the site reviews that I really become interested because there is simply so much competition these days.

Wherever you look then there are card rooms all over the internet and sites like PokerCage help people like us to be able to pick and choose the best sites to play at. This for me is an important part of being a successful online poker player. I know too many people personally who were making good money online a few years ago and who are now really struggling. Many people say that this is because the online games have become far tougher. This is true but it isn’t the only reason why players fail to make money.

I think that too many players end up stagnating by staying on the same site for far too long. Sure they build up substantial player notes but you have to ask yourself just how effective these player notes actually are when your opponents are also taking detailed notes on you? So in my opinion then it is becoming increasingly important to move from site to site to freshen things up somewhat and to be able to do that then you need site reviews to help you in these areas. The better the site review then the easier it is for players to change card rooms and find good poker games.

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