Pittsburgh Problems?

Are the recent comments made by Pittsburgh Steelers QB, Ben Roethlisberger indicative of some problems that may well surround the franchise this season?

Already this season the Steelers signal-caller has made remarks about the complex language that surrounds the new playbook that has been installed in Pittsburgh by incoming offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

His comments have already shown that he doesn’t appear particularly comfortable with the changes that have been made with offence but surely he would be better off concentrating on the changes that have been undertaken and how they will affect the team going forward.

While the Steelers’ offense won’t appear that changed to the average eye come gameday—the schemes may change but the plays will be similar, and the team will likely continue to rely heavily on the pass rather than what’s going to be a more efficient running game— something punters who bet on NFL will take note of.

Roethlisberger was always going to be in the camp of the dismissed Arians and it’s not easy to learn a whole new language and Arians helped develop Roethlisberger into the Super Bowl winner he is today – something that “Big Ben” is not willing to forget in a hurry.

But the NFL changes constantly and although the Steelers are known for their stability and being one of the more reliable NFL bets , this is still part of the game and should be embraced by the quarterback who after all has to set the right tone for the club and he needs to show leadership on this issue. If Roethlisberger feels comfortable repeatedly doubting his ability to master Haley’s new playbook, he’s setting a poor example for the rest of his offensive teammates and if he is struggling with it how does that make the rest of the team feel in terms of confidence and the ability to get to grips with the playbook.

In our view Roethlisberger needs to shape up on this issue and get to grips with the playbook, because if he doesn’t how are those around him going to and that could spell an awful lot of trouble for the Steelers offensively this year.

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