Ottawa slump in time of need

Although the Ottawa Senators have been attempting to finish the NHL season as strongly as possible in order to stand a realistic chance of making a serious dent in the hockey playoffs this year, while of course putting a smile on the faces of their loyal yet long-suffering fans, it looks like the Sens may not be one of the NHL picks to reach the playoffs, let alone excel when they get there.

The Sens have now slumped to an unbelievable seven defeats in a row and look for all the world like cannon fodder (at best), and on current form a far cry from coming across as realistic playoff contenders, particularly when the competition from other on-form teams is so intense. Despite that fact, a few wins in a row and the Sens know that they’ll be firmly back on track, in the process persuading their supporters once again that it’s alright to believe in their side and expect glory to come along at some point in the near future without risking long-term heartache and mocking from other fans in Canada!

With the likes of legend Daniel Alfredsson extremely loyal to the Sens’ cause and keen to prove a point, the team possesses the experience and quality to do really well this year and could prove one of the more attractive NHL betting tips,  but the players need to prove that they have the confidence needed to hit their stride on the ice against even the best franchises in the league.

Fail to do this, though, and the Sens’ season will be over far sooner than anyone could have expected just a couple of months ago, perhaps leading to a major reshuffle of personnel in order to find that winning mix.

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