Manning’s Future Still Undecided

The battle to sign free-agent quarterback, Peyton Manning, continues to rage, with a reported twelve teams climbing over each other to sign the Louisiana gent. Manning, 35, has been without a club since March 7, when he was released by Indianapolis. Manning, an eleven-time Pro Bowler, and a four-time Most Valuable Player, has attracted the attentions of the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Washington Redskins, among

However, the quarterback has been coy with regard to his future options. To the assembled press, on Wednesday, Manning said: “I haven’t thought yet about where I’ll play, but I have thought a lot about where I’ve been.”
One thing does seem certain about Manning’s future; that he will avoid the National Football Conference (NFC), effectively ruling out a term at the Redskins or the Seattle Seahawks. The footballer does not want play against his brother, Eli.

NFL analyst, Marshall Faulk, said that Manning “will not upstage his brother and knock him out of going to a Super Bowl by being in the NFC.” It could appear, then, that the Miami Dolphins or the New York Jets already have the upper hand in negotiations. Reggie Wayne, a man who could soon join Manning as an ex-Colt, said
that he would follow his former teammate to Miami, if the opportunity presented itself.

“I would love it. I would definitely love it. I am totally available.”

Manning was shown the door by Indianapolis after spending the entirety of last season recovering from a neck injury. The quarterback underwent cervical fusion surgery, shortly after signing a five-year
deal with the Colts.

If Manning had remained at Indianapolis for the 2012 season, he would have been in line for a $28m windfall from the Colts, a bonus that the team – rather obviously – did not want to pay. College footballer, Andrew Luck, looks likely to become the Colts’ new quarterback.

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