Kawhi Leonard Flourishing at Spurs!

As Kawhi Leonard came fresh out of college into the NBA he has the reputation of the kid that could certainly play, but he sure couldn’t shoot! In college he had just a 29% score from the 3-point line, but everybody had him down has going to be a great rebounder and defender, but just look at him now!

He has established himself as a starter for the second best team in the west as he plays at least 25 minutes each night and shooting, wait for it… 37% from behind the NBA 3-point line! Not a bad improvement!

Improvement is an understatement, this for a rookie has been considered by some as being a minor miracle. But for San Antonio Spurs it is simply business as usual! It is no accident that Leonard has improved like he has done. Players like Leonard are special but need plenty of support from the organization that drafts them to reach their potential and San Antonio Spurs are the perfect club for him. They have an awesome track record of finding and developing talent and could even be considered as the Oakland Athletics of the NBA! Their ‘Moneyball’ approach to the drafting system is working well for them, it’s a breath of fresh air for the NBA, and when we get to see rookies flourish in the way that Leonard has then we wish more teams would take the same philosophy in recruiting players.

The NBA draft is the time for a player to change a franchise. But San Antonio Spurs are now proving that more often than not this can actually work the other way around! Keep up to date with NBA betting tips with NBA online.

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