Is the future bright for the Ottawa Senators?

NHL fans this season have been forced to witness an extremely sad situation unfold, with the biggest prospect and golden boy of Canadian hockey Sidney Crosby disappearing from the sport following an injury that few expected to keep him out of action for weeks, let alone possibly the rest of his career.

Supporters in the arenas and fans watching live hockey online  around the world are poorer for his absence from the ice.

But there is one place in the NHL where so much promising youth is flourishing that it detracts, slightly, from all of this doom and gloom. That place just so happens to be Ottawa.

Although General Manager Bryan Murray certainly has it all to do when it comes to deciding how many young prospects he can fit into an already jam-packed roster, the fact that the Sens appear to have invested their NHL picks  so astutely means that, unlike some GMs in the NHL, he will actually have the chance to build his team from scratch, getting rid of dead wood and replacing squad positions with players full of potential, even if that potential isn’t being converted into anything spectacular quite yet.

The Senators have endured a bit of a rough time recently, but the fact that they have seemingly learned well from the problems they previously faced, when they paid too much money to overpriced stars who didn’t provide value to the franchise, means that the club can now join the trend of signing cheaper younger players and ensuring they have some cap room left for the big trades if they need them.

Whether or not the Senators’ strategy works out for them, one thing that can be said is that it is an admirable policy and one that should be fully supported by the NHL and its top

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