Draw Hi-Lo

Card games were invented in ancient China back in the 9th Century. Back then, the Chinese, used to use simple paper to create their cards. Over the centuries the card evolution has culminated in the 52-card decks containing hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds that you see today.

You can imagine that during these centuries there have been a multitude of differing card games that have been created by mankind, but we doubt any of them are much simpler to play that Draw Hi-Lo.

Draw Hi-Lo is a game you can play with children as young as two-years of age – it really is that simple! The game is simply a guessing game where a card is dealt from the deck and you have to guess if the second card to be dealt is going to be higher or lower than the card you have just turned over.

Draw Hi-Lo is not regularly found in brick and mortar casinos but you can find it in a wide variety of online casinos. Draw Hi-Lo is also the gambling degenerates game of choice, because of the speed at which you can play the game.

When playing online you must first select your stake and press DEAL. The casino will turn one card face up and you have to guess whether or not the next card will be higher or lower. The odds will be displayed on the table and it fluctuates dependant on the rank of the card you are shown. If you think the result will be a tie then you have the opportunity to place a side bet that pays out at 10:1 odds.

It really is that simple so get online and try it for yourself.

Written by Alex, a keen online gaming blogger. When she’s not playing on the slots or other casino games, you’re bound to find her trying her luck at live blackjack – she’s forever chasing that elusive jackpot!

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