Charity benefits from bingo win

A Forces charity has benefited from a bingo win this week as a new hall in South Shields handed over £3,000 to Help for Heroes.

Marking the changeover from Majestic to Gala Bingo, the donation was made instead of paying a Celebrity to attend the opening of the new establishment.

In fact, a whole day was set aside for the opening of the new hall in the Denmark Centre of South Shields, with a further £400 raised from those making donations on the day.

Referring to the ‘Gala Day’ manager Andrew Jones said: “I was really pleased with the turnout. The branding has changed but everything else is the same.”

“The charity was chosen because, out of all the collections we have had over the years, this is the one that raised the most. It was clear this is something close to the hearts of our customers.”

As for regular Play Bingo Online customers, they appear happy with the new bingo hall, with pensioner Elizabeth Walton describing it as ‘one big family’.

She said: “With everyone being so busy all the time, the bingo gives us a place where we can come and spend time together.”

“It’s like one big family here and a fantastic atmosphere. The staff are brilliant. They’ve done a great job putting this event together.”

There was then praise for the charity itself, with Helen Loynes from Help for Heroes saying: “This demonstrates the passion and generosity of the staff and customers to raise money for good causes which are close to their hearts.”

Once again, this has displayed those playing Online Bingo Games can be a massive and thoughtful community, one which many people enjoy being a part of.

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