Chargers Relieved over Mathews Injury

While Ryan Mathews will have been disappointed to have suffered a broken clavicle at the beginning of pre-season, the running back should now have enough time to recover in time for the San Diego Chargers’ opening game of the regular season.

Mathews sustained the injury in his very first carry of the pre-season campaign, according to the online football news, with the sizable figure of Green Bay linebacker, A.J. Hawk, landing on the running back following a big hit.

An initial four-week recovery period was given by the Chargers’ medical team, leaving it tight but not impossible for Mathews to be in contention for the team’s opening game of the regular season against the Oakland Raiders.

“I think I heal pretty fast. I think I’ll be good in time to play against the Raiders. I’m happy it happened now than against the Raiders.

“It’s better that it happened now, just to get it out of the way. It gives me a few weeks to recover and get back at it,” said the 24-year-old, following the injury.

Mathews was instrumental in a lot of the Chargers’ offence, during the closing stages of last season, rushing 1,091 yards for six touchdowns and 222 carries.

In only his second year in the team, those figures were extremely encouraging for San Diego and big things were expected from the ever-improving youngster going into the new campaign.

The Chargers will not want to rush Mathews back to action too soon and the Raiders match may be a little early, despite the running back’s talk of being back in contention by September 10.

Having Mathews, who finished the end of last season in such impressive form, will be more important than having a half-fit running back lining up against the Raiders.

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