Brady once again beaten by the Giants

There’s no doubting the fact that Tom Brady has done some pretty amazing things during his illustrious career in the NFL, but the one achievement that has so far eluded him is beating the sublime Eli Manning in a Super Bowl on the biggest stage of all.

With the Giants once again beating the Patriots in this year’s renewal, something that was of no shock to many partaking in NFL bets, Brady has once more missed out on a Super Bowl ring many predicted, with just a little luck for the Pats, was almost certain to be sent his way.

Brady, despite no doubt feeling pretty gutted this week, will know that very little fault can be placed at his door, after a level of performance that many other QBs could only dream of having stored away in their locker, even though he was cornered into giving up an early touchback that allowed the Giants to take the lead. With Brady throwing some amazing balls, he really did hand his team the best chance they were going to get to win a game they were heavy favourites for before the action got underway.

However, Brady won’t be able to forget, for quite some time, the fact that he failed to do the one thing he wanted to have a go at: making a final play to win the Super Bowl against the Giants in the same manner that Eli Manning achieved while ruining Brady and his team’s famous unbeaten season.

With Brady ultimately failing to put to bed suggestions that the Patriots are not in fact the top dogs of the North East, next year is going to be a crucial one for his legacy in the sport, and his team’s. For those looking to bet on NFL, it would be ill advised to write Brady off.

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