Blackjack: Splitting Multiple Aces

Most casinos will only allow you to split your pocket aces once when playing Blackjack, but there are some gems that allow the splitting of aces multiple times.

If you are lucky enough to find such a generous establishment – try the intercasino blackjack tables – then you should be splitting aces as long as you have the bankroll to do so.

The process: You are dealt a pair of aces and you wish to split them. In order to do this, you simply place a bet equal to your starting wager next to your original bet, and the dealer will separate your cards.

Note: you cannot split pairs for less than equal the original wager. The dealer then draws another card for you and it is another ace.

You now place another additional bet equal to your original bet, indicating that you would like to split for a third time. You can also verbally declare your intention to do this.

The benefit: By having an ace as an up card you have the fabled number eleven. This means that you are just one card away from a potential Blackjack.

Even if you do not draw another picture card, or ten, you can still make a very strong hand when a high card is drawn.

The second advantage of splitting aces multiple times is the card removal effect. We do not want to draw another ace because it will give us the woeful score of twelve.

By splitting aces, you remove this possibility, thus giving you a greater chance to draw a great hand.

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