A sing-song Merry Christmas from StanJames.com

A cheeky late bid for the Christmas number one slot comes from Stan and James for StanJames.com, and though you may get long odds on this potential outcome; don’t go investing your hard-earned just yet!

With lyrics like “Boxing Day, that’s my type of day, when there’s teams on the TV scorin’” – it’s a justifiably longshot. Oh let’s face it, it’s never, ever going to happen. But what the song does is take Christmas kitsch to a whole new level. So if you thought you’d heard it all this Christmas, don’t bank on it – Stan and James’ Christmas clichés will have you shaking your head in wonder at just how awful a pop video can be.

But don’t take our word for it; check it out the Stan James Christmas music video for yourself to see how truly bad it really is.

At least you’ll get to see Stan and James getting ready to celebrate Christmas – or make that Boxing Day for the football – whilst dressed up as an elf and a snowman.

Here are a few more lyrics to whet your appetite… “There’ll be real high drama, Christmas cheer, it’s a real packed schedule at the end of the year, squads are depleted runnin’ thin, the transfer window’s closin’ in … you can even bet on cricket, golf or rugby too…”

Of course; the lads’ main point is that Boxing Day is a bit better than its more famous sibling that precedes it, because .. well .. Christmas Day offers fewer betting opportunities (well, virtually none besides whether it’s going to be a white Christmas or not) whereas Boxing Day offers full sports schedule –most notably with all the football and racing.

Boxing Day traditionally sees local rivals matched against one another throughout the English league. And though this tradition has waned a little in recent years, we’ll still be treated to quite a few local derbies which – also by tradition – can go either way. So why not treat yourself to some long odds as you sing along and bet with Stanjames.com!?

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