Online gambling is all so easy

You’re at work, hunched over your laptop, completely focused on analyzing the trends of…an online poker game like on pokerstars. What? You shouldn’t visit gambling sites while at work? Of course!

But this is just a short break, and if your co-workers can take two hour coffee breaks, there’s nothing wrong with a really quick card game to take the edge off the stress.Sure, we believe you…but then your boss walks into your office and catches you right in the middle of your game. Somehow the excuse “it’s just a short break” seems a little lame. What do you say?

“I’m networking.” You can meet so many people online, more than you could ever talk to at those stupid cocktails or the requisite game of golf. Long before CEOs congregated at the greens, they bonded over beer and chips at the Friday night poker game.

“I’m developing my left brain.” Many gambling games require a good deal of concentration, game analysis, and even statistical calculations. These are all Very Important Business Skills, the kind that your boss would’ve spent thousands of dollars to develop at one of those overpriced team building seminars.

If ever, he should pat you on the back and congratulate you for taking the initiative. Heck, why not suggest that everyone in your department sign up, including your boss? (This would, of course, shift all the odds to his favor. Forget what the card game strategies tell you—when playing against someone who signs your paycheck, the best thing to do is fold.)

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