What  will happen in poker in 2011?

With the new year, comes the possibility to reflect on what has happened over the last ten years in the poker industry in the United States and the rest of the world. During the last decade, the industry has grown enormously, especially the online poker industry , but also have been many more events off-line and the value of the awards has continued to increase. Although 2010 was a banner year for poker, there are certain aspects of this year that we should not drag to 2011.

To begin, thousands of players from the United States wanted to forget the mistakes of U.S. law and would like to pass legislation that would legalize and regulate online poker.

Something that also occurs with poker Canada. Although there have been attempts to improve this situation, with the arrival of the new year there are still many poker players who are frustrated by the whole territory of the United States. The frustration was much higher after Harry Reid tried to pass the decree law, but stopped at the last minute.

Another new trend among the public is to sell on eBay earned bracelets at the WSOP like old stuff. Peter Eastgate, who won the WSOP in 2008, was the first player who sold his bracelet. He did it because he wanted to stop being in the forefront of the poker. After deciding to sell his bracelet, there were many other players who decided to do the same and there are more bracelets that are sold on auction web sites online.

The general opinion is that as the WSOP bracelet is the most desirable and important prize in the world of online poker, to sell the bracelets is a way to take the value to one of the major poker events worldwide.

We hope that in 2011 such acts will disappear and that the poker world will grow and continue to progress with proper regulation, that more players join the poker and poker online world, that bigger and better tournaments take place and, of course, and that players take bigger awards and prices.

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