Well Here They Go Again, Minnesota Legislators Trying to Raise Money Through Video Slots (If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Tray…etc)

Anyone who’s been reading my posts for the past few years knows that I’ve been following this story …. it’s just so fascinating to see states that are running deficits trying to make it up through gambling.

I am not opposed to this at all.

The more opportunities I have to play what I want, the better I like it.

And I always caution…play what you can afford. Not more.

So, in Minnesota, the push to add slot machines at two horse-racing tracks continues. This time the proponents are smart by promising a big chunk of the money would go to create new jobs in the state.

The push to authorize so-called “racinos” at Canterbury Park in Shakopee and the Running Aces Harness Park in Columbus has been a no go at the Capitol, opposed by Indian tribes and gambling critics.

Now, two Republican lawmakers are trying it again, this time proposing that proceeds from video lottery terminals fuel a dedicated state fund for grants and loans to business startups and entrepreneurial ventures.

Gov. Mark Dayton said he wants to see more details before pledging support or opposition.

Supporters of gambling expansion said going ahead with the plan would create both construction jobs and new jobs at the racetracks in question, as well as giving a major boost to the state’s horse industry.

We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

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