Want to Gamble Online Legally? Go to South Africa, Where the Government Appears to Be Close to Legalizing (and Taxing) Internet Gambling

My lovely wife is South African and so any news coming out of her home country is always of interest to me.

So imagine this: they are more progressive than the U.S., when it comes to online gambling. Or so it would appear.

It has taken three years, but a commission  has recommended that it’s time for South Africa to regulate, license and taxinternet casino games in South Africa.

Prohibition simply has not worked.

Well, duh.

This I heard from my in-laws in S.A.

Every form of online gambling in South Africa (as well as poker) should be regulated, taxed and licensed the commission said.

“The big elephant in the room is the online casino in South Africa and we must sharpen our spears. Any one of us can log on at night and place hundreds of bets. I know I do,” explained Mr. Louw, a warrior chief and gambling commissioner.

American politicians still fail to comprehend this logic.

The commission recommends Italy to become the model for online gambling regulation in South Africa.

Banks will become the enforcers of the new South African gambling laws by withholding transactions from online gambling establishments in South Africa who do not possess a valid gambling license.

Pretty cool, huh.

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