Tournament Play: The Basics

Playing multi-table tournament poker demands not only a good knowledge of strategy but also a heap of patience and mental toughness. And a slice of luck here and there doesn’t hurt either.

The poker boom of the last five years has created a massive audience for online poker tournaments. Just a quick glance on a poker site will demonstrate the variety of tournaments available to the online player. It is important not to get carried away by the size of tournament in which you want to participate. Players often see a huge first prize and play a tournament which is too big for them.

If you normally spend more times with Scratch Cards and are new to tournament poker, start small. Don’t play tournaments with a starting field over 45. A field of this size is manageable for a beginner because it will not last more than 90 minutes, it will not create massive player stacks which can be very intimidating, and it will be easier to make the money. Larger tournaments offer much larger payouts, but only to a very small percentage of players.

The most common school of thought on strategy is this: play solid, careful poker at the low blind levels, making notes on the players around you. Don’t try any bluffs or tricks; it’s not worth the risk at this level. Then as the blinds increase, spread your wings and become more aggressive. Defend your blinds and try to steal as many cheap pots as possible. By cheap pots I mean pots where you have position, or where there is little to no action and it is possible to steal easy chips.

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