The World’s Mecca of Gambling, Macau’s Casinos, Raked in $23.5 BILLION Last Year

Those of you who have had the chance to travel to the pacific know of Macau, on the south China Coast.

Bloomberg Markets magazine just called it the “gambling capital of the world” and you can believe it because last year alone, Macau’s casino’s brought in an estimated $23.5 billion (that’s Billion, with a b).

And that’s more than four times the amount gamblers play in Vegas.

And talk about appreciation….just 10 years ago, Macau’s casinos brought in $2.2 billion.

Maybe the reason the casinos are doing so well is this: it’s the only location in China where 1.33 billion Chinese are allowed to gamble in casinos.

The genius behind it all is Stanley Ho,  “the dominant figure in Macau gaming.

But watch out for others…as Ho is currently going through some family difficulties.



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