The Latest Social Game Craze:  5 of the Hottest Facebook Games

Online games on Facebook have become extremely popular to the millions of netizens around the globe. According to Newsweek, 41% of 160 Facebook gamers in the United States play games with or against other players. Although people can play free online games, some are even willing to pay for more gaming credits or benefits of their favourite games.

So what are the games Facebook users are crazy about? According to the Game Center, the following are the hottest 5 games on Facebook:
Farmville (with a total of 55,502,307 monthly active users)

Manage your own farm through Facebook’s most popular game—Farmville. Plow your own land and expand your farm. You can plant and harvest diverse kinds of plants, trees, bushes, and crops. You can also raise farm animals such as pigs, cows, horses and more.

You can even give and receive gifts to make your farm even more fruitful and beautiful.

Texas HoldEm Poker (with a total of 36,854,573 monthly active users)

Casino games have arrived on Facebook and one of these games is the Texas HoldEm Poker. Try your luck and gambling skills by playing against your Facebook friends or fellow Facebook users. If you’re up against the strong players of Texas HoldEm Poker from around the world, you can try to earn a place in their weekly tournament or even try their Shootout Grand Prize of the week.

FrontierVille (with a total 28,380,967 monthly active users)

If you like the idea of becoming a pioneer, and developing your own territory, try playing Frontierville. Develop a new world in an uncultivated land. You can also improve an undeveloped land’s technology, raise livestock, gather money and eventually have a family of your own.

Mafia Wars (with a total of 23,388,135 monthly active users)

Have you imagined the life of being a gangster? Do you want to be a boss of a strong underground syndicate? Then play Mafia Wars to experience the life in a criminal syndicate.

Café World (with a total of 18,240,550 monthly active users)

Be a restaurant owner and cook various dishes to become a top culinary expert by playing Cafe world. Start from preparing and slicing or chopping the ingredients, cooking the dishes and serving your customers. You can build a simple restaurant at first, earn a lot of money and finally expand and beautify your restaurant.

All games in Facebook are freemium, meaning it’s free for everyone to play, but players can choose to buy additional benefits for a more enjoyable gameplay.

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