Texas Deep in the Red, May Legalize Casino Gambling to Deal with Budget Shortfall

Texas could be the next state to legalize casino gambling.


They are $15 billion…that’s BILLION…in the red. So it’s either raise taxes OR legalize casino gambling. Which would not solve all the state’s problems, but will help.

At least one bill calling to legalize casino gambling is expected this legislative session and getting support from some Democrats who traditionally support such measures.

Two years ago when the Legislature last met, there were several gambling bills put forward.

But none passed.

But with a budget crisis looming — and funding to public education, health care and other state services on the chopping block — gambling opponents aren’t taking any chances.

Both sides have said legalizing gambling could generate at least $1 billion in state revenue, which lawmakers could dole out as they see fit.

Even with a more conservative Legislature this year, some believe a billion-dollar temptation could sway more lawmakers.

“It’s a situation where a lawmaker could hold his nose and say, ‘public education is too important for me to not take advantage of this financial opportunity,'” said Chuck McDonald, a legislative consultant in Austin who has worked on pro- and anti-gambling efforts in the past.

So we’ll see what happens.

But here’s a good bet.

Casino gambling will soon be legal in Texas.

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