Showing the Bluff

Is it justifiable to show a bluff in any circumstance? Showing bluffs can certainly rile opponents, but do you want your opponents riled and do you want to give away any free information?

There will be players, whether they look at Scratch Cards Online or not, who simply never show their cards when they don’t have to. And to those players I say, move on to another article! For those of you who sometimes show a hand or want to show a hand but don’t know if it is the correct thing to do, read on.

Many players do not show bluffs in tournaments until they get to heads-up play. Then, if you have portrayed yourself as a tight player, and you show a bluff at the beginning of a heads-up challenge, you might be able to keep your opponent guessing. This can be particularly useful when you come up against an aggressive player and you want to demonstrate that you cannot be pushed over.

Egotism and arrogance can determine whether you show a bluff or not. If you want the image of the table bluffer, then showing bluffs regularly will obviously back up this image. If you think that there is a player on your table who would react negatively to being shown up in front of the whole table, you could target them and make sure he sees your bluff against him. It could put him on tilt or knock him off his game. If however you want to keep your cards as close to your chest (pun intended) as possible, then you won’t want to give any sort of information away to your opponents, especially if they are good players.

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