Pool King

Pool King is a sports game that tests your skill of potting on a pool table in the 9-ball format. It is a solo game that requires you to pot all 9-ball in as quick a time as possible.

All balls are marked 1-9 and you must strike the lowest numerical ball on the table at the time. Often you will aim to pot the ball you strike but 9-ball allows you to sink any other ball as long as contact has been made with the lowest numbered ball.

When each ball is potted points are gained, bonus points are added after all 9 balls are sunk, the number of shots taken deciding the size of the bonus. It’s a game that may entertain fans of Cake mania online.

The game allows you to take part in free jackpot tournaments with the highest score taking the prize.

It may take a few games to get comfortable with the process of striking the cue ball and at what pace to play each shot at. However, once sampled, you will have no problems with the process. Freegames may be available to help you practice.

As it is a solo game, you don’t need to be afraid of missing a shot, which would normally allow you opponent to the table. On some occasions here the best strategy is to push the ball to pocket allowing yourself an easy opportunity in your next shot.

Be careful of the path your cue ball takes when potting a ball because you lose points for striking the one wrong contact ball. If you do not a clear path for your next ball you may need to come off several cushions to make contact first. Points are lost for sinking the cue ball during the game.

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