People Want to Gamble. Why Can’t State Legislators Give Us What We Want?

There is a debate ongoing in Minnesota about having more gambling options.

Fine. I am all for debate.

Minnesota residents seem to be for having more gambling options.

That’s the finding of a new poll by the Star Tribune Minnesota, a daily newspaper, in which 72% of Minnesota residents said they would like to end the monopoly on gambling currently hold by Native American tribes in the state.

37% of respondents said they’d favor all kinds of expansion – including slot machines at bars and restaurants, downtown casinos in Minneapolis, and converting racetracks into “racinos” – many others favored only some of the proposed changes.

Among those ideas, adding slot machines to the Running Aces and Canterbury Park racetracks was the most popular, attracting an additional 20% of voters.

Another 12% said they’d like to see a downtown Minneapolis casino, while a casino at the Mall of America and the introduction of slots in bars and restaurants each garnered 8% of the vote.

According to a report in the Star Tribune, Native American groups were disappointed in the results of the poll, if not entirely surprised.

An Indian Gambling Association, along with other tribal interests, has lobbied against the proposed changes, saying that they will cost local communities thousands of jobs. However, only 23% of those polled agreed that Native American groups should be able to keep the exclusive rights to gambling in Minnesota.

Interesting results, wouldn’t you say?

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