“Payday” Party Trouble for Baltimore City Worker Participants

I found this one of the more interesting news items I’ve come across recently.

Because on payday, who doesn’t lay down a few bucks on lotteries? Or other games of chance.

I’m not advocating gambling away all you have; rather, to have some fun. In Atlantic City, Vegas, if you live nearby. Hell, why not?

But gambling outside a casino, is apparently frowned upon by municipalities. Even a friendly game.

How absurd.

?Undercover investigators in Baltimore were called to the 3200 block of East Madison Street after some officials heard about what was going on.

Investigators say they found employees playing dice and drinking alcohol. ??Because of the illegal gambling, investigators had no choice but to call city police.

All were charged with misdemeanors but police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the damage is to the public trust. ??“It’s not a serious charge, gambling, but it says a lot about the people’s trust in the city. People trust city employees to work for them, especially when they’re being paid with taxpayer funds and it’s a violation of that trust,” said Guglielmi. ??

The Department of Transportation released a statement that reads in part “any activity that undermines the integrity of the department of transportation will not be tolerated.” ??After police were called, officers say Michael Flowers pushed one of the investigators. He’s now charged with assault, as well as gambling. The other workers are charged with gambling.

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