New Jersey Governor Vetos Online Gambling Bill, Damn it

Remember a few weeks ago I  talked about New Jersey becoming the first state to legalize intra-state online gambling?

Well, scratch that thought.

Gov. Chris Christie, he of the hefty heft, vetoed the bill this week. Damn it,  declaring it would break the state’s constitutional limits that keep gambling in Atlantic City.

But Democratic supporters of the plan said Christie’s message held out hope, noting that he would work with them on a solution that could again put New Jersey ahead of other states in legalizing the practice for residents within its borders.

We’ll see. Remember, despite his protestations, Christie wants to be president.

The governor, a Republican, used his veto message to reiterate his administration’s “commitment” to Atlantic City, specifically to protect the resort from the threat of making what he called “convenience gambling” available anywhere within reach of an Internet connection.

The state’s constitution allows gambling only within the limits of Atlantic City.

So OK… I understand that, but…

The bill, championed by Sen. Raymond Lesniak, D-Union, wanted to open up a network of online-gaming portals operated solely by casino companies who were already licensed in New Jersey.

By specifying that all equipment used for the portals — including the computer servers themselves — sit in Atlantic City, Lesniak argued the state could allow the practice without bending or breaking the constitution.

Christie disagreed.

And I disagree with Christie.

So did legislators, who passed the bill.

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