Missing $10,000,000 Found Buried in a Garlic Patch

Cops in South Korea have found the equivalent of $10,000,000 buried in a garlic patch.

Cool, huh?

As reported by the BBC, the money is believed to be the proceeds of an illegal internet gambling operation, for which one of two brothers is already in jail.

And the other one might be headed there.

Their brother-in-law helped out by burying the cash, and then helped himself to some of it, police told reporters.

When he then accused a landscaper of stealing a chunk of cash, police moved in and unearthed it, they said.

Television footage has shown police pulling out two dozen containers, each stuffed with cash.

According to the police version of the story released to the press, the brother-in-law, a 52-year-old man identified only as Mr Lee, bought the garlic field in south-western Gimje.

His gambling relatives had felt pressured by police investigations and asked for his help in hiding the money, Yonhap news agency reported.

He worked at dusk and dawn, as if farming, to bury the containers.

Can you imagine that?

His own greed led to his downfall however, police say: First he dug up about $400,000 and spent it, without telling the brothers he had helped himself.

Then he tried to blame a workman who was helping to landscape the plot; that man complained about being falsely accused, leading police to the field.

The money was apparently (allegedly, I should say) earned in profits by operating an illegal internet gambling site in South Korea with a server in Hong Kong, Yonhap reported.

The 24 plastic containers carried 8.6bn won in cash; most of notes were 50,000-won bills. Again, in American dollars terms, about $10 million.

Police are seeking an arrest warrant for Lee.


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