In Illinois, Vote Due Soon that Would Expand Gambling

Here’s what’s going on in Illinois.

As you know, I’ve been following the state’s legislators as they argue over gambling, and casinos.

I’m quite certain that the pro gambling faction will win out in the end, simply because of the potential revenues to the state.

So here is where things stand: Senate President John Cullerton says he expects a vote on gambling expansion when lawmakers return to Springfield next week for the fall session.

The Chicago Democrat says he expects a gambling expansion vote when lawmakers return to the Illinois Capitol Nov. 8 for a second week of work.

He admitted that disagreement remains over slots at race tracks.

Gov. Pat Quinn has threatened to veto legislation lawmakers passed in May that would add five casinos, including one in Chicago, and put slots at tracks.

Quinn has said he’s willing to support the new casinos but opposes slots at tracks. Some lawmakers say a gambling measure can’t pass without including slots at tracks.

So we’ll see, won’t we?

Cullerton says lawmakers have gotten input from Quinn but he can’t say they have an agreement on legislation.

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