I’m Keeping My Eye on New Jersey, Where Lawmakers Could Make Online Gambling Legal This Week

Once again, money talks.

In New Jersey, where the government is facing huge deficits, it seems likely that legislators will go forward with a bill to in effect legalize online gambling.

The bill is A-2570.

And if I’m not incorrect, it will be debated this week in the state legislature.

The online gambling bill is one of a handful of gambling bills that are expected to be discussed. The entire gaming industry will be watching closely to see if New Jersey can become the first state to regulate online casinos.

Because if it does, others will follow.

The actual debate may be a formality. The Senate and Assembly have delayed final passage of the bill in order for the sponsor of the legislation, Senator Raymond Lesniak, to work out some tax issues.

The bill was scheduled to be voted on shortly after the new year, but was not brought up on the expected date of January 6th. ??

If the bill passes, all that would be left is for Governor Chris Christie to sign the legislation.

New Jersey, with no apparent roadblocks, is set to become the first state in the nation to regulate online gambling. ?

?By the way,?California lawmakers are also working on a bill that would regulate online poker.

Once individual states start to regulate the industry, analysts believe it will not be long before the US government moves in on the billions of dollars in tax revenue that can be created from regulations. ??

As a player, I’m all for this.

My attitude is, it’s my money. Let me play where I want to. I’ll let YOU figure out who gets the tax money.


Do you feel as I do?

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