How to play – slots

Slot machines are everywhere you go, in pubs, in casinos and even online now. So what is the basics of playing slots?

As a rule all machines are similar and have three reels that have numbers or symbols on it; there are usually 20 on each reel. These numbers or pictures must line up together or in a certain pattern in order to win.

To make the reel move and ‘line up’ you insert the desired amount of money into the machine and the reels will start to manically spin. You then can either hit a button to stop the spinning when you think it may be a possible line up, or it may be a machine that just spins at random until it feels like it needs to stop.

If you get the desired line up then you will be rewarded with money. The amount you receive is dependent on how much money you initially put into the machine and also the combination you get. For example, if they were all the same number, you will get more money, as this is a full line up. With online slots sites such as the payment would be done via bank card details which many players would prefer in comparison to actual cash.

Each machine will display a payout table so that the player knows what combinations will make them win. Along each combination it will specify how much each is worth in winnings; there are differing amounts.

Your classic slot machine works on a set of gears, toggles and levers. All of which is controlled by a long metal shaft or lever that sets the gears in motion when pulled. A braking system similar to that on a car, stops the spinning reels and a row of sensors tells the position of the reels to the machines payout program.

On modern machines the arm is no longer needed but, out of a sense of nostalgia, the arm is still there for the player to pull. It somehow would not feel like you were playing slots if you did not have an arm to pull.

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