Hey, All You State Legislators Out There (Reading This)…  Legalize Online Gambling, And You Can Balance Your State Budgets

Now here is something interesting I read the other day.

It was a report put out by a group (I’d never heard of) called the¬†Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC).

The report said the online gambling market in 2010 increased by twelve percent to $29.3 billion dollars.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Such an incredible growth rate makes online gambling one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Do you hear that state legislators?

A further look at the numbers reveals that the twelve percent growth amounts to an average monthly gain of 330 million dollars over the last year.

Well, a lot of this was online sports betting. No big surprise there.

All in all, the future looks pretty bright for LEGITIMATE online internet gambling.

Can you imagine how much money a state could make by putting up a legitimate, state sponsored gambling web site.

Hell, I’d go to it.

As more countries begin to license, regulate and tax online casinos as well as online gamblers, the industry will continue a steady rate of double digit yearly growth for the next foreseeable future, the report said.

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