For the Colts, the future starts now

The Colts must do the harsh thing, and they must do it sooner rather than later. In fact, forget harsh, let’s be honest, they need to do what many still believe is akin to an unthinkable act for an NFL team: they must ditch four time MVP Peyton Manning.

OK, so Manning might be able to recover from his current injury, but let’s just say for a moment that he doesn’t, and the Colts don’t find out the exact status of his game fitness until after the March deadline…what happens then?

If the Colts do the brave thing and drop Manning now, they would be able to think properly about what they want to do with their draft picks, NFL bets and trades at the end of the season, safe in the knowledge that they know they will have a significantly reduced wage bill to worry about.

With the Colts clearly all lined up to be one of the worst teams in the league come the end of the season, precedence and prudence suggests that it is time to start blooding players for next season to find out who needs to go and who needs to stay. That said, the Colts know all too well that their loyal fans and football betting enthusiasts will want to see at least some signs of a fight to round off a season that at the moment can really only be called a disgrace (and that’s being kind!)

If the Colts make this brave decision now, they’ll know that they will have the chance to get ahead of the game, and in the process move forward to avoid a repeat of this year.

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