Expanded Gambling in Illinois? Could Happen. Legislators Re-Examining Current Laws

For years I’ve been talking about how states, formerly against gambling, are legalizing casinos for one  reason only: MONEY.

States need money.

So why not allow people who WANT TO GAMBLE the opportunity to do so?

Take the great state of Illinois.

Lawmakers may take yet another look at expanding gambling across Illinois, and this time the State Fair is in line to get slot machines.

Rep. Lou Lang, of Illinois state House of Representatives  said this week that  he has introduced a new version of his often-rejected proposal to authorize more gambling as a way of filling the empty state treasury.

It would permit five new casinos – in Chicago, its northern suburbs, its southern suburbs, Rockford and Danville. The state’s existing casinos would be allowed to expand by two-thirds to accommodate 2,000 gamblers.

Horse-racing tracks could transform into “racinos” by adding slot machines.

The track at the state fairgrounds in Springfield would be added to the list of places allowed to operate slot machines. And racing there would no longer be limited just to the 10 days the State Fair is open.

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